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Health properties of the Orenburg goat down

It is common knowledge that the goat down has therapeutical values, it is caused by its chemical and mechanical features. The most valuable property is hygroscopicity. The down can absorb to 35% of wet in relation to own weight (for comparison: cotton – about 8%, synthetics – 0%). It causes its high hygienic properties. Except the esthetic qualities the down of steppe goat possesses also the medical properties, which are determined by its chemical composition, mechanical and physical features. The goat down stimulates the blood circulation in its top layers and makes easy stimulating and massage impact on the hypodermic nerves at direct impact on the skin. Twenty amino acids are parts of the down fibers, main of them contain sulfur (cystine, cysteine, methionine).

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The goat down is a cornerstone of the real down product, of course. It is made, that is combed out, from the Orenburg goats. Breeding of these artiodactyles isn’t a profitable business. It’s possible to get from an adult goat at most 350-400 g of down in a year, it is enough only for one shawl. Now the breed of the Orenburg goats practically died out in the Orenburg region. They can be counted on fingers. That’s why the price of the products from this down is higher than from the down of mohair and Volgograd down. The down contains large quantity of lanolin; it is conductive to healing of wounds and fractures. The goat down perfectly evaporates wet, remaining thus dry. Warming up by dry heat perfectly treats lymphadenitis, calms rheumatic pains. At cold or pneumonia doctors recommend warming up the child, having wrapped the child in the down scarf instead of tormenting banks and mustard plasters. The down gives dry heat, blocks overheat and works like the ecological filter. The down masses the nervous terminations of your skin and promotes improvement of microcirculation of blood in capillaries.

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