About goat down:

The goat down is the cornerstone of every down item. It is combed out of Orenburg goats. To breed these even-toed species is not a profitable business, as one adult goat can give no more than 350-400 g of down per year, which is barely enough for one shawl. Nowadays Orenburg goats have practically died out, so local shawls are more expensive than the ones made of angora or Volgograd down.

Healing properties of Orenburg goat down

It's well known that the goat down used for Orenburg shawls possesses healing properties due to its chemical and mechanical features. The most precious property is its ability to absorb water. The goat down can absorb up to 35% of moisture with respect to its own weight (e.g., cotton - 8%, synthetics - 0%). It determines its high hygienic features.

The down of the steppe goat possesses not only aesthetic, but also healing properties which depend on its chemical contents, both mechanical and physical features. When in direct contact with skin, the goat down stimulates bloodstream in its upper layers and has a slight stimulating and massage effect on skin nerves. Down fibers contain 20 amino acids, including sulfur-rich cystine, cysteine, and methionine.

The goat down is rich in lanolin which promotes wound and fracture healing. The goat down evaporates water while remaining dry. Dry heat therapy is known to treat lymphadenitis and soothe rheumatic pains in joints. Doctors recommend warming up a child sick with cold or pneumonia by wrapping him/her with a down shawl instead of applying vacuum cups and mustard plasters. The down provides dry heat, prevents overheating and acts as an ecological filter. It has a massage effect on skin nerves and promotes capillary blood microcirculation.

Our catalogue offers a wide assortment of Orenburg shawls, stoles and wraps. We sell several types of gossamer shawls in two colors - white and grey, as well as colored stoles and the famous Orenburg down shawl. Thanks to the development of the Internet shops, now you can buy the Orenburg down shawl from anywhere in the world.

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