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The Orenburg Shawls is one of the classic symbols of Russian handicraft. This type of finely knit, down-hair lace shawl originated in the Orenburg area about 250 years ago, in the 18th century.The Orenburg region of Russia is famous for its shawls, known as Orenburg shawls/scarves. The down hair of Orenburg goats is the thinnest in the world – 16-18 micrometer, and that of Angora goats (mohair) is 22-24 micrometer.

Products made of Orenburg down hair are therefore especially soft and fine. The thinness of hair is partly due to the severe snowy winters of the Ural mountain steppes, along with particular qualities of feed and living conditions. The Orenburg goat breed can only be reared in the Orenburg Region. Uniqueness of this kind of folk art speaks special quality of down of the Orenburg goats. This Orenburg yarn is the thin est in the world. Therefore products from it especially gentle and soft. The most surprising thing is that the Orenburg goats get divorced only in the Orenburg region. Such high quality of wool speaks about a severe climate in mountain steppes of Ural Mountains,Orenburg villages not only any woman, but each schoolgirl is able to knit with a spindle and a distaff. Skill secrets are transferred from generation to generation. купить оренбургский пуховый платок

The Orenburg shawls have no equal to on a subtlety of work, originality of a pattern - russian lace shawls, beauty of furnish, elasticity, durability and ability to keep heat. Russian shawls «Pautinka» it is easily possible to lay in a shell of goose egg or to pass through a wedding ring. With warm, fluffy shawl cover a head in a winter icy cold. From the slightest movement the shawls as if revives. Down products of Orenburg skilled workers for a long time receive wide popularity not only in Russia, but also all over the world.