Russian Orenburg down shawls
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Dear Customers! Thank you for visiting us! Our online shop offers a wide assortment of Orenburg gossamer shawls, colored stoles and wraps, yarn and other knitting accessories. We sell only hand-made Russian shawls woven by skilled craftswomen living in various areas of the Orenburg region. These homespun items differ in weave density, patterns and sizes, so each one is a unique masterpiece. Our Russian shawls, wraps and stoles are distinguished by the inimitable design and superb quality.

The Russian Shawl is one of the classic symbols of the Russian handicraft. This type of finely knit, down-hair lace shawls originated in the Orenburg area in the 18th century, about 250 years ago. The Orenburg region is famous for its shawls, known as Orenburg shawls and stoles. Orenburg goats develop the finest down hair in the world which is only 16-18 micrometers in diameter. E.g., the Angora goat hair is 22-24 micrometers.

The Orenburg goats are bred only in the Orenburg region. The fineness of the hair is partly due to severe snowy winters of the Ural mountain steppes, along with particular qualities of feeding and living conditions. Hence, items made of Orenburg down hair are especially soft and fine. Every woman and schoolgirl in Orenburg villages knows how to knit with a spindle and a distaff. These secret skills have been handed down from generation to generation. buy orenburg downy shawl

Russian shawls are unrivalled when it comes to quality, subtlety and originality of patterns. They are elastic, durable and extra warm. Gossamer shawls can be easily placed into a goose-egg shell or be pulled through a wedding ring. Warm shawls and fluffy wraps and stoles are used to cover heads in cold winter, and even the slightest movement sets them swaying. Orenburg shawls woven by local craftswomen have been gaining popularity not only in Russia, but all over the world.

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